On 13th February 2015, Public Health Ambassadors Uganda (PHAU) in partnership with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Uganda Cares commemorated the International Condom Day dubbed “Condoms Are Cool”. It was aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge on consistent and correct use of condoms among young people as condoms are crucial to getting the HIV figures to zero. Furthermore, public health students at sexual and reproductive health and rights however more emphasis was put the effectiveness of condom use as a dual protection measure for preventing HIV/AIDS, STIs and unplanned teenage pregnancy and later took part took part in a “Condom Challenge”.

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To climax the International Condom Day, a flash mob with over 50 young people was staged at HAM shopping grounds; one of the busiest commercial centers with over 2500 people carrying out different business ventures but lack access to sexual and reproductive health information and services. During the “Condoms are Cool” flash mob, over 77,000 condoms were distributed using a performance, entertaining and informative arts approach as the crowd stunned to the thrilling dance moves from the performers geared in white t-shirts and condom demos.


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